Mona Chopra Spicy Stills

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Nickname:Mona, Menaka

Birthname:Sherlyn Chopra

Hookups:Mr. Chopra

Hometown:Andhra Pradesh, India

Assets:Half-Indian, Half-Persian, All Good Lookin'

Vices:[[String:=Poor spelling while chatting online, getting surgeries]]



Job:Actress, Model

Hobbies:Chatting with fans online, singing, dancing


Country of Origin:India


Sherlyn Chopra is an Indian actress born in Persia and India. She is currently a flourishing career in the Bollywood scene and typically operates under the name "Mona Chopra. A model, actress turned, she has made a number of projects, advertising and now trying her luck in movies. Up Now Mona Chopra in movies like "Naughty Boy, Jawani Diwani, games, time passes and Dosti be seen. This is the equivalent of Bollywood Friday Cinemax After Dark series.

Life Story

Mona Chopra, according to her unofficial fan page, "just wants the showbiz market by dominate to any length. This is dominated by the entertainment industry, Mona, in extremely hot poses appeared, photo shoots and film scenes." Man, I once appeared in a pose very hot for an interview at the Dairy Queen and I said: I "Dilly Bar uses normal, God-fearing customers never in my life, forever." So I think Sherlyn / Mona a little something called "luck" that not all of us has to share.

She is naked in Red Swastika, in which she plays a psychotic killer uses her sexuality to manipulate her victims and then click Finish it off set. It is a good idea. Even after the unofficial site, "they will only make their way into the Bollywood industry with practical formula to show the excess skin." It is really a good idea, even better than even a nude movie. And you know what they say: when you have to show excess skin.

Even after the unofficial fan site "Even though it has not been very successful, but the audacity is good in Bollywood, her future is very promising." Man, if not most brutally honest Effing line through a superfan, who runs an unofficial fan site for an actress, I do not know what that is. Bravo, you, Webmaster.