Jennifer Ellison Spicy Stills

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Date of birth :30/05/1983, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Full Name :Jennifer Lesley Ellison

Nickname :Jen

Height:5 '6 ½ "(1.69 m)

Spouse: Rob Tickle (10/10/2009 - present) 1 child


She won the championship of the National Ballet and modern dance in 1996 and 1997.

Everton Football Club supports.

Voted sexiest blonde in the world by readers of Nuts magazine (2004).

Dimensions: 32gg, 25-32.

She won the first series of British reality series "Hell's Kitchen" (2004).

She has one sister (born 1991) Gemma.

Bobby born son, the father of her husband Rob Tickle at 9:50 am, weighing nine pounds, (04/02/2010).

Returning to work five months after the birth of her son Bobby to run on the British circuit of "Calendar Girls".

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