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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An overview of bikini trends

The emergence of a bikini, more than sixty years, has a different shape and orientation in the world of fashion. Although in a race to the top of his sexual and interesting look, do not let the fashionistas of film, the attention of a lot of time to keep it. He managed to fill the hearts of those who wanted to give my body to win a dirty look.

Ensuring that developers do not neglect to meet the needs of the adventurous swimmers. We hope that the following statements may help a bikini beach lovers likely to vote for women in order to establish wear.

The classic

String Bikini: "This is nothing but a classic combination of cloth and string instruments. Pieke of two strings with one on each side. The lower part consists of two small fabric attached to smell triangles. These figures focused on the strings, go to waist.

Modest Ones

Tankini: Many are called as a modest bikini, it consists of a common bikini bottom and tank top. In the denominator includes both the armpits to the navel.

Maternity Tankini: It is designed specifically for pregnant women. The bottom of the tank was in two halves, the visualizing, brought the sea cut

Sports Bikini: If athletes from the beach volleyball players and others.


Sling bikini: Also known as "spin", it is more or less fair Bikini Bottom. It provides the strings or straps which go upwards to the hill. During this process, cover the breast. Of course, it is clear that the bar hangs around the waist.